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What the hell newgrounds?

2010-01-16 00:57:42 by OneDayMorrow

I submitted my song yesterday(friday 1/15/10) called "enter god's land" and it still hasn't passed through the judgement and it's the next day, nearly 1AM already. what gives?
i didn't know audio had to pass judgement like flash movies and games did on here.
im confused..


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2010-01-16 02:46:28

it can take up to 2 weeks bro. the audio mods are slow.

OneDayMorrow responds:

really? up to 2 weeks? man thats pretty bad...


2010-01-16 05:20:34

It only has to be approved because it's your first audio submission. If it's passed then all the other songs you submit will appear instantly in the Audio Portal. It only took 3/4 days for my Audio alt to be approved so it really just depends how busy the mods are. I look forward to hearing your stuff. PM me when your approved :D


2010-01-21 16:17:06

5 days and counting...yeesh