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"Fan-rider" just added

2010-05-08 02:45:09 by OneDayMorrow

its a bit mood heavy, but i think i can vouch for everyone how terrible it feels to be ignored or unnoticed by those you care about.
im not depressed or anything, rather ive just been wondering these kinds of situations. and made this flash about a man, isolated in his own world, unnoticed by anyone, or for that matter, cared by anybody.
He finds that being alive is to partake in the world you live in with others, and he is stuck in a limbo of isolation and can't communicate with the outside world.

music by the birthday massacre, "the night loop."
thought the song was a mix of sorrowful and enlightening and felt it would give my flash the atmosphere it needed.

the animation/graphics were intended to look sloppy and dull, because that was what life was to this character. nothing seemed to matter anymore.

check it out here!

"Fan-rider" just added


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