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It was a great effort all round, but I feel the animation (at least in some of the 2-sentence segments) could've been more polished and fluid. At times it just felt like stills with minimal movement, and when there was animation, it was stilted and the styles were inconsistent from one to the other. (sometimes within the same story, the same shot of the dude would look different from a higher or lower angle/different lighting/drawing style. (Also, why some guys with glasses, some with beards...it was jumpy, etc.)
Also the transitions/jumping around the frames in between the two sentence stories took me out of the narrative, why the black screens in between? You could've brought close to each story much more effectively that allowed it to flow better, the black screens are just jarring, as if there are frames missing. I did like the two sentence horror stories though, some of them really caught me off guard how well they were written. And the end bit with the voice actor was cute. "Help me...I'm trappe-" EXPLOSION. Great effort all around from all those who worked on this but I feel like the animation and editing/animating could've been much stronger in this.

SpanglishHorse responds:

Yeah i agree. I could have done better so I'll do it better in the next animation video. Thanks, i could animate more better quality, if i have more time than my job, looking forward getting better pc and drawing tablet. The guys you asked why with the glasses and beards they are real, no depiction. The black screen transition i thought it might be nice, so yeah, too bad you didn't like it :\. Yeah thanks, i did my effort i could and i wish i could have done better so i do i'll keep practicing for next. Thank you.

egh, maybe i'm just nitpicking but it's totally lost on me. A pipe wrench coming after a screaming water drop? I mean, I get what you were trying to do...but it seemed real forced and as an advertisement, I would just scratch my head and ponder why those characters. The animation was good though and of course, the water drop character design was adorable and just right. I just think for selling a plumbing company, it was overly simplistic.

jessejayjones responds:

Thank you for the taking the time to give me some feedback, I really appreciate it! I think that's fair to say, this was made more as an entertaining piece rather than an informative commercial, but there will be a voiceover narration on the final that will explain the company more. I will keep your suggestions in mind for my next spot for sure! Thank you! :)

ah, yes....the good ol MX days before Adobe came along and...did what it did. As for this movie, it wasn't bad. It would've been front page I'm sure 10 years ago...but nowadays, it's pretty much dead and buried under the madness rampage movies, which are themselves, on their way out as well. You should perhaps make some more, hopefully your skills have improved over the 10 years.

Eggy responds:

Yeah I just wanted to get this one out there. I definitely may remake some of it later :)

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wow so cool

great tune! i heard this in one of the flashes. this song is very cool and joyous. downloaded!

Box-Killa responds:

thanks man :D

hey guys. what's for breakfast?

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